秘密解说 16-18

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摘要: One of the questions I get almost all the time and is probably on somebody’s mind right now, ;我经常遇到的一个问题 这个问题可能现在就在某个人的头脑中,...

One of the questions I get almost all the time
and is probably on somebody’s mind right now,
if it’s not on yours,
and that’s the idea that,
“well, if everybody uses the secret
and they all treat the Universe
like a catalogue,
aren’t we gonna run out of stuff?
Won’t everybody just make a run for
it and bust the bank?”
What’s so beautiful about
the teaching of the great secret
is that there is more than enough
to go around for everyone.
There is a lie, that acts like
a virus within the mind of humanity
and that lie is,
“there’s not enough good to go around,
there’s lack, and there’s limitation
and there’s just not enough.”
That lie has people living in fear,
greed, stinginess,
and those thoughts of fear, greed,
stinginess and lack
become their experience.
So, the world has taken a nightmare pill.
Now, the truth is there’s more
than enough good to go around,
there’s more than enough creative ideas,
there’s more than enough power,
there’s more than enough love,
there’s more than enough joy…
All of this begins to come through a mind
that is aware of its own infinite nature.
Every great teacher who’s
ever walked the planet has told us
that life was meant to be abundant.
And so, just when we think
that resources are dwindling,
we find new resources to achieve the same things.
And so, even though we say we have lack
it’s because we don’t open up
our vision and see all what’s around us.
You know, when everybody starts to live
from their heart and go for what they want,
they don’t go for the same things.
That’s the beauty of this.
We don’t all want BMWs,
we don’t all want the same person,
we don’t all want the same experiences,
we don’t all want the same clothing,
we don’t all want…fill in the blank.
There’s enough for everyone.
If you believe it, if you can see it
if you act from it – it will show up for you.
只要你依此而行动 – 它会出现在你的面前.
That’s the truth.
So let the variety of your reality thrill you
as you get to choose from among of
those thing that you’re wanting.
And when you see something that
you want in your experience,
think about it, find a feeling place of it
get inside of it, talk about it and write it down,
write a script about it,
make it your reality
by becoming a match to it.
And when you see those things that
you are not wanting in your experience
do not talk about them,
don’t write about them,
don’t join groups of worry about them,
don’t push against them.
Do your best to ignore them,
remove your attention from the things
that you do not want
while you give your undivided attention
to the things that you do want.
Most of the leaders in the past
missed the great part of the secret,
which is empowering and sharing with others.
This is the best time
to have ever been alive in history.
It’s the first time we’ve ever had the power
to gain knowledge at our fingertips.

When we look around us,
even at our own bodies,
what we see is the tip of the iceberg.
Think of this for a moment:
take your hand and look at it.
Now your hand looks solid
but it’s really not.
If you put it under a proper microscope
you’d see a mass of energy vibrating.
Everything is made up of the exact same thing,
whether it’s your hand, whether it’s the ocean
or whether it’s a star.
Everything is energy.
And let me help you
understand that just a little bit.
There is the Universe of course,
and our galaxy, and our planet,
and then individuals,
and then inside of this
a body, our organ systems,
and then there are cells,
and then there are molecules,
and then there are atoms,
and in there is energy.
So there are a lot of levels
to talk about something on.
But everything in the Universe is energy.
I don’t care what city you’re living in
you’ve got enough power in your body,
potential power, to illuminate the whole city
for nearly a week.
Most people define themselves
by this finite body.
But you’re not a finite body.
Even under a microscope
there are energy fields.
What we know about energy is this:
you go to a quantum physicist
and you say, “what creates the world?”
And he/she will say, “energy.”
Well describe energy.
It can never be created or destroyed,
it’s: always was, always has been,
everything that ever existed, always exists,
it’s moving into form, through form
and out of form.
OK, great.
You go to a theologian and you ask the question,
“what created the Universe?”
And he/she would say, “God.”
OK, describe God.
Always was and always has been,
never be can be created or destroyed
all there ever was, always will be,
always moving into form,
through form and out of form.
You see, it’s the same description,
just different terminology.
And so, if you think you’re this
meat suit running around, think again.
You are spiritual being,
you’re energy field operating
in a larger energy field.
We’re all connected.
We just don’t see it.
There isn’t an “out-there” and “in-here”.
Everything in Universe is connected,
it’s just one energy field.
You are extensions of source energy.
You’re here in these magnificent bodies,
but your bodies have distracted you
from the most part,
from who you really are.
You are source energy.
You are eternal beings,
you are God force.
You are that what you call God.
Scripturally, we could say that we are
the image and the lightness of God.
We could say we are another way that
the Universe is becoming conscious of itself.
We could say that we are
the infinite field of unfolded possibilities.
All that would be true.
Every great tradition has told you
that you were created in the image
and the lightness of the creative source.
That means that you have got potential
and power to create your world.
And you are. You are.
And maybe you’ve created things to this point
that are wonderful and worthy of you,
and maybe you haven’t.
The question I’d ask you to consider is:
;你现在生活中的结果 –
You know, a lot of people feel like
they’re victims in life
and they抣l often point at past events,
perhaps growing up with an abusive parent
or in a dysfunctional family.
And I would add that most psychologists believe
that about 85% families are dysfunctional.
So, it’s like all of a sudden
you’re not so unique.
My parents were alcoholics, my dad abused me,
my mother divorce him when I was 6
From the edge of 13 to 18
I was involved in street gangs.
I had a severe motorcycle accident.
I was homeless at one point in Dallas,
I lived in poverty for 15 years in Houston.
When I was a child, I had learning difficulties,
and I was considered learning disabled,
and I was told I would never read,
write or communicate,
never amount to anything,
not go very far in life.
That’s almost everybody’s story
in some form or not.
So, that’s just called “so what”.
The real “what” is what are you
going to do now, what do you choose now.
Because you can either keep focusing on that,
or you can focus on what you want.
And when people start focusing on what they want,
what they don’t want falls away.
And that part expands,
and the other part disappears.
We are wanting you to come to the place
where you’re beginning to
offer your thought deliberately
where you’re guiding your thought on purpose,
where you are creator of your own experience,
because you are the manager of your own thought.
The beautiful thing about the Law of Attraction
is that you can begin where you are.
And you can begin to think real thinking,
and you can begin to generate within yourself
a feeling tone of harmony and happiness.
The Law will begin to respond to that.
So now you start to have different beliefs,
like there is more than enough in the Universe,
or you have the belief that
everything goes right for me.
Or you have the belief that
“I’m not getting older, I’m getting younger.”
We can create it the way we want it
by using the Law of Attraction.
And you can break yourself free
from the hereditary patterns,
cultural codes, social beliefs,
and prove once and for all
that the power within you
is greater than the power
that’s in the world.



Some of you may be thinking,
“well that’s very nice, but I can’t do that”,
or “she won’t let me do that”,
or “he’ll never let me do that”,
or “I haven’t got enough money to do that”,
or “I’m not strong enough to do that”,
or “I’m not rich enough to do that”,
or “I’m not…”
I’m not…I’m not…I’m not…I’m not…I’m not…
Every single “I’m not” is a creation.







;你可以选择,你否接受它,应用它 – 如果它给你的感觉好的话.
and the universe will open doors for you
where there were only walls.

我们无所不能,无往不 胜。


补 记:IMHO,该片尚未涉及如下几个重要的秘密 ,而这些秘密(或者称之为原则),好几个在片中出现的大师们,在他们的著作中早已提到:

1、 布施:这是和 “感恩”同样重要,甚至更为重要的一个技术,因为它直接导致良好的情感和感受。推荐参考:最伟大的赚钱秘密(这本书的作者Joe Vitale多次在片中出现)。
2、 利益众生:这是自己“快乐”的源泉。因为我们大家都生活在一个有很多人组成的社会中,我们必须利益众生,才能最 终利益自己,并获得快乐。中国传统文化在这方面提供了极好的教育,推荐参考: 了凡四训讲记 该讲记的作者净空法师,可以说就是一个极好的实践布施和利益众生并改变自己命运的典范:从一个贫穷、“无福”并被预言只能活到45岁左右的人,到现在,成为世界级的大法师,其领导的佛教机构和财团,在全球有极大的影响力;其本人也健康而高寿,现在已经80多岁,仍精神健旺,讲经说法,利益众生。
3、 传统道德和伦理: 之所以我们必须尊重传统的道德(包括文化习俗等)和伦理,除了这种尊重是上面两条内容(布施和利他)的重要体现之一而外,还有一个因素,那就是它可以极大限度的减少我们在应用“吸引力定律”时的阻力。我们的内心和外在的环境有极大的关系,“吸引力定律”侧重说明如何用心的力量去改变我们所处的环境,而同时,一个良好的、“善”的环境对于充分发挥心的潜力也有极大的作用。例如,鲜花、草木和清新的空气可让你心旷神怡,有助于你的观想、冥想和好的情感的养成和保持;同样的,和谐的社会环境,友善的周围人群,也象鲜花和空气一样,是不可或缺的环境因素。