秘密解说 13-15

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摘要: Well I can just imagine what a lot of people that are watching this are thinking, ;我可以想象,看到这里,很多人都会想, and that is – how can...

Well I can just imagine what a lot
of people that are watching this are thinking,
and that is – how can I attract
more money into my life?
How can I get more of the green stuff?
How can I get more of
wealth and prosperity?
How can I, when I love my job,
deal with the credit card debt that I have
;我怎样才能, 既喜欢自己的工作,
and the realization that maybe there’s
a ceiling on the money that can come in,
’cause it’s coming to me
through my job,
how can I bring in more?
Intend it.
This goes back to one of the things
we’ve been talking about
throughout the whole secret:
your job is to declare what you would Like
to have from the catalogue of the Universe.
Well, if cash is one of them,
say how much you would like to have.
I would like to have $25.000
unexpected income within the next 30 days,
or whatever it happens to be.
It should be believable for you.
Most people have a goal of
getting out of debt.
That’ll keep you in debt forever.
Whatever you’re thinking about,
you will attract.
You say, “but it’s get out of debt”
I don’t care if it’s
“get out” or “get in”,
if you’re thinking debt
you’re attracting debt.
Set up an automatic debt repayment programme
and then start to focus on prosperity.
So many times people say to me,
“well, I’d like to double
my income in next year.”
But then you look at their actions
and they’re not doing the things
that are going to make that happen.
And they turn around and around
and go, “well, I can’t afford that.”
OK, guess what – your wish is my command.
;好,猜猜会发生什么? – 你的愿望就是我的命令.
As you are fussing about
not having enough money,
as you are talking to your friend
about not having enough money,
as you are feeling unhappy
about not having enough money,
you’re actually activating within yourself
or continuing the activation of the thought
that is very different from
the desire that you have launched.
What it just comes down to is
you just can’t want more money
and focus upon not enough.
When I first understood the secret
I was getting bills every day,
I would get a bunch of bills in the mail.
And I thought, “this is…
how do I turn this around”
The Law of Attraction states that
what you focus on, you’ll get.
So, I got a bank statement,
I whited out the title
and I put a new title in there,
I put exactly how much
I want to see in the bank.
So, what if I just visualize
checks coming in the mail?
So, I just visualize a bunch
of checks coming in the mail.
Within just one month,
things started to change.
And it is amazing.
Today I just get checks in the mail.
I get a few bills,
but I get more checks than bills.
I grew up on “you have to work hard for money”,
“you have to work hard for money”
And so, I replace that with
“money comes easily and frequently”
Now, in the beginning
it feels like a lie.
Right? There is a part of your brain
that will say, “no you liar, it’s hard”
So, you have to know it’s this little
tennis match that will go on for a while.
When it comes to creating wealth,
wealth is a mind set.
It’s all about how you think.
I’d say 80% of my coaching that I do
in one-on-one with folks
is about the psychology
and the way they think.
And I know people who are listening will say,
“oh you can do it and I can’t”
Every person has the
capability to change the way,
their inner relationship and
conversation with money.
I find so many people who maybe
make a tremendous amount of money,
but their relationships stink.
That’s a technical term, by the way.
And that’s not wealth,
it really isn’t.
You know, you can go after the money
and you might get rich,
but it doesn’t guarantee
you’ll be wealthy.
I’m not suggesting that money
isn’t a part of wealth, it absolutely is
but it’s only a part.
And then I meet a lot of
people who are “spiritual”,
but they’re sick and broke all the time.
That’s not wealth either.
Life is meant to be abundant
in all areas.
Many people in Western culture
are striving for success.
They wanna have a bigger home,
they want their business to work,
they want all of these things.
But what I found in my research is
that having those things
certainly doesn’t guarantee
what we really want, which is happiness.
And that’s when
all those outer things come.
They don’t come from going after them first
to get happiness – it’s backwards.
来获得幸福 – 这个顺序颠倒了.
You go for the sense of inner joy,
of inner peace, of inner vision first
and then all the other things
from the outside appear.

The secret means for me actually that
we are creators of our Universe.
And that every wish of what we want to create
will manifest in our life.
Therefore, it’s very important what you wish,
what your thoughts are, what your feelings are
because it will manifest.
Now, one day I went into somebody’s home
and he was art director of a
very famous film producer.
And in every corner he had this
beautiful image of a woman,
a naked woman dressed with the fabric
kind of doing this, kind of saying,
“I don’t look at you, I don’t see you”
And I said, “I think you have
trouble in your romance.”
“Are you a clairvoyant or something?”
“No, but look, in seven places
you have exactly that woman.”
“But I love that kind of painting.
I painted it myself.”
“That’s even worse”, I said,
“because you put all your creation
and your creativity in it.”
Now, this is a gorgeous looking man,
he has all these actresses around him
because that’s the work he does,
and he doesn’t get romance.
I said, “what do you want?”
“Well, I wanna date three women a week.”
“OK, paint yourself with three women
and hang it in every corner.”
Six months later I see him in Europe.
I said, “how is your love life?”
“Great! They just call me,
they all wanna date me.”
“Because that’s your wish.”
“Now I have like three dates a week.
They’re fighting over me.”
“Good on you.”
“But I really wanna stabilize it a little bit.
I want marriage, and I want romance.”
“Well paint it.”
So he painted a beautiful
romantic relationship.
And a year later he got married.
He was very happy.
Because he put another wish out
but he wished it himself for years.
But it did not happen, because
his wish could not manifest
because the outer level of himself (his house),
was just contradicting himself all the time.
So, if you know this knowledge,
you should start playing with it.
Inside relationships it’s important to first
understand who’s coming into the relationship.
And I don’t mean about your partner,
I mean about you.
How can you ever expect anyone else
to enjoy your company
if you don’t enjoy your own company?
And so again,
the Law of Attraction, or the secret
is about bringing that into your life
and you’ve gotta get really, really clear.
Here’s the question I want
to ask you to consider:
do you treat yourself the way that
you want other people to treat you?
You become the solution for you.
Don’t like, “now you own me, and you
need to get me more”, instead
give more to yourself.
Take time off to give to yourself.
And in the sense,
you feel yourself up to fullness,
where now you can overflow and give it.
I got into many relationships, expecting
my partner to show me my beauty.
I needed to see him showing me my beauty.
Because I didn’t feel beautiful.
Because when I was growing up,
my “sheroes” were
Charlie’s Angels, Wonder Woman,
and though they were wonderful women
none of them looked like me.
It wasn’t until I stopped
and I fell in love with Lisa,
full lips, round hips, mocha skin, Afro,
that the rest of the world
began to fall in love with Lisa.
(这里的that与前面的It wasn’t until组合成一句话
There’s something so magnificent about you.
I have been studying me for 44 years.
I wanna kiss myself!
Because, you’re gonna get to love yourself.
I’m not talking about conceit.
I’m talking about a healthy respect for yourself.
And as you love yourself, you’ll love others.
Sometimes people will say,
“those people at work are so negative”,
or, “the man I live with is so angry”,
or, “my children are so worrisome to me”,
and we say, “you must orient yourself to
the best part of those people who surround you.”
We encourage that you get a notebook,
and that you make a list of the positive aspects
of the people that you spend a lot of time with.
There could be someone that you have
a terrible experience with,
a terrible relationship with.
And in the privacy of your own mind,
and with quite a bit of work, we will admit,
as you focus upon things that you like most
those people will become that mostly to you
And even though
you cannot create in their reality,
if they are in the mood or in attitude
that doesn’t match the mood or attitude
that you have about them,
they’ll zig while you zag.
Law of Attraction will not put you
in the same space together,
you frequencies don’t match up.
If you knew your potential to feel good,
you would ask no one to be different
so that you can feel good.
You would free yourself of all of that
cumbersome impossibility
of needing to control the world
or control your mate
or control your child.
You are the only one who creates your reality.
For no one else can think for you,
no one else can do it.
It is only you.
Every bit of it you.

It’s important to recognize that
our body is really the product of our thoughts.
We’re beginning to understand in medical science
the degree to which the nature of thoughts
and emotions actually determines
the physical substance and structure
and function of our bodies.
We’ve known in the healing arts
of the placebo effect.
A placebo is something that supposedly
has no impact and no effect on body.
Like a sugar pill or something.
You tell the patient that this is just its effect,
and what happens is that the placebo
has the same effect, if not greater effect,
than, sometimes, the medication that’s
supposed to be designed for that effect.
So, they found out that the human mind
is the biggest factor in the healing arts.
More so than sometimes the medication.
If somebody is in a situation that they’re sick,
and they have an alternative to try to explore
what is in their mind creating it,
versus using medicine,
if it’s an acute situation that could
really bring death to them
then obviously the medicine
is the wise thing to do
rather then explore what the mind is about.
So you don’t wanna negate medicine,
every form of healing has a place.
There is only a stream
of well-being that flows, you know.
It is a stream of pure positive energy.
And the Universe, all that we know,
is abundant with only that.
This is the world that is based upon well-being,
a well-being dramatically abounds.
And when you’re allowing that stream to flow
in its fullness, you feel very, very good.
And when you are pinching it off a bit
you feel not so good.
There is only a stream of goodness
or well-being which you are allowing or not,
and your magnificent emotions
are telling you what the mix is,
how you’re doing in your allowing
or your resisting of this connection.
You know people who have had terminal disease.
Stop and think of the word: dis-ease.
Hyphenate the word.
That’s a body that’s not at ease.
We’ve got a thousand different diagnoses
and diseases out there.
They’re just the weak link.
They’re all the result of one thing:
When you’re putting off stress on the chain,
you putting off stress on the system
and one of the links breaks.
Our physiology creates disease to
give us feedback, to let us know
we have an imbalanced perspective
and we’re not loving, and we’re not grateful.
So the body signs and symptoms
are not something terrible.
The question that’s frequently asked is
when a person has a manifest
of a disease in the body temple
or some kind of discomfort in their life,
through the power of right thinking
can it be turn around?
And the answer is absolutely yes.
On November 23 I was diagnosed
with the breast cancer.
I truly believed in my heart, with my
strong faith, that I was already healed.
During the day, all day long,
I would just say thank you for my healing.
On and on and on I went,
“thank you for my healing.”
I believed in my heart I was healed.
I saw myself as if
cancer was never in my body.
One of the things I did to heal myself
was to watch very funny movies.
That’s all what we’d do,
we’d just laugh, laugh, laugh.
We couldn’t afford to put any stress
in my life because we knew
stress was one of the
worst thing you could do
while you’re trying to heal yourself.
From the time I was diagnosed,
which was November 23
(注意啊,现在发言的是Cathy Goodman,
的Morris E. Goodman的妻子!)
to the time I was healed totally,
was approximately 3 months.
And that’s without radiation
and chemotherapy.
We come with a basic programme.
It’s called self-healing.
You get a wound, it grows back together.
You get a bacterial infection,
you immune system comes and takes care
of those bacteria, and heals it up.
The immune system is made to heal itself.
Disease cannot live in a body
that’s in a healthy emotional state.
Your body is casting off
millions of cells every second,
and it’s creating millions of new cells.
In fact, literally, parts of our body
are replaced every day.
Other parts take a few months,
other parts a couple of years,
but within a few years
we have a brand new physical body.
If you have a disease,
and you’re focusing on it
and you’re talking to people about it,
you’re going to create more disease cells.
See yourself living in
a perfectly healthy body.
Let the doctor look after the disease.
Can you feel the difference between
having painful arthritis in your hips
and feeling fearful about it,
or having painful arthritis in your hips
and feeling hopeful about it,
The difference between fearful and hopeful
is the difference between recovery or not.
Happier thoughts lead to
essentially a happier biochemistry,
a happier, healthier body.
Negative thoughts, stress
seriously degrade the body
and the function of the brain.
Because it’s our thoughts and emotions
that are continuously reassembling,
reorganizing, recreating our body.
Remove physiological stress from the body
and the body does what it was designed to do.
It heals itself.
I’ve seen kidneys regenerated,
I’ve seen a cancer dissolved,
I’ve seen eyesight improve
and come back.
I always say that incurable means
curable from within.
You can change your life
and you can heal yourself.
Well, my story begins on March 10, 1981
It really changed my whole life,
it was the day I would never forget.
I crashed an airplane.
I ended up in a hospital
completely paralysed.
My spinal cord was crushed,
I broke the first and second
cervical vertebrae.
My swallowing reflex was destroyed,
I couldn’t even drink.
My diaphragm was destroyed,
I couldn’t breath.
All I could do was blink my eyes.
The doctor of course said that
all my life I’d be a vegetable,
all I’d do was blink my eyes
the rest of my life.
That’s the picture they saw me in,
but it didn’t matter what they thought of me,
the thing was what I thought.
I pictured myself being
a normal person again
walking out of that hospital.
The only thing I had to work
with in the hospital was my mind,
and once you have your mind
you can put things back together again.
I was set to a respirator and they said
I’d never breathe on my own again
because my diaphragm was destroyed.
And this little voice kept saying to me,
“breathe deep, breathe deep”.
Finally I was freed from it.
They were at a loss for an explanation.
See, I could not afford to allow
anything to come in my mind
that would distract me
from my goal or from my vision.
Well I set the goal to walk out of the hospital
on Christmas, that was my goal.
I walked out of the hospital
on my own two feet.
They said it couldn’t be done.
That’s the day I will never forget.
For people that are sitting out there
right now watching this programme and are hurting,
if I’d want to sum up my life
and sum up for people what they can do in life
I would sum it up this way,
in six words:
man becomes what he thinks about.

We noticed that there are so many people who
are living life in a very conditional way,
they look out and they see things
that are wonderful and they say,
“yes we want more of those,
we would vote for that,
we would support that with our
time and energy and money.”
But then they look out and
they see things that they do not want,
terrible things
that they do no want to live
and that they do not
want to see others live.
And they say, “we’ve got to do something
about getting rid off those things.”
But they don’t realize that
as they push against the unwanted
they add power to it.
In this world, there is a
war against poverty,
and a war against cancer,
and a war against teenage pregnancy,
and a war against terrorism,
and a war against violence,
and a war against terrorism,
did we mentioned that there was
a war against terrorism…
And all of this pushing-against
is only adding-to,
Because, you can’t say no
and make it go away.
When you shout no
Law of Attraction is lining that up.
The reason that “what you resist, persists”
is because that you’re resisting something,
you say, “no, I don’t want this thing
because it makes me feel this way
the way I’m feeling right now.”
And so, you just putting out
this really strong emotion of,
“wow, I don’t really like this feeling”,
and it’s there,
it’s racing towards you.
You know, anti-war movement
creates more war.
The anti-drug movement has
actually created more drugs.
Because we’re focusing on
what we don’t want – drugs.
People would say, “well shouldn’t I
focus upon that, that is true”
And we say, “that is like saying
because someone gave the attention
to something they did not want,
long enough that now it has manifested
I should do it too.”
And we say, “we don’t really
understand that reasoning.”
Mother Teresa was brilliant.
She said, “I will never attend
an anti-war rally,
if you have a peace rally, invite me.”
You know, she knew.
She understood the secret.
I mean, look what she
manifested in the world.
So, if you’re anti-war,
be pro peace.
If you’re anti-hunger, be pro
people having more than enough to eat.
If you anti particular politician,
be pro his opponent.
Often elections are tipped in the favour
of the person that people are really against
because he’s getting all the energy
and all the focus.
You wanna focus on what you want
and not what you don’t want.
It’s OK to notice what you don’t want
because that gives you contrast
and you say, “this is what I do want.”
But the fact is that the more you
talk what you don’t want,
or you talk about how bad it is,
read about all of that all the time and
then say, “oh how terrible it is”,
you are creating more of that.
You know, so many times people say to me,
“well James, I have to be informed.”
“James, 我需要了解情况.”
Maybe you have to be informed,
but you don’t have to be inundated.
Learn to become still
and to take you attention away
from what you don’t want
and all the emotional charge around it,
and place the attention on
what you wish to experience.
I always say when the voice
and the vision on the inside
become more profound
and more clear and loud
then the opinion on the outside
you’ve mastered your life.
You are not here to try to get the world
to be just as you want it to be,
you are here to create the world
around you that you choose,
while you allow the world
as others choose it to be
to exist also.