秘密解说 10-12

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摘要: A lot of people feel stuck or imprisoned or confined by their current circumstances. ;很多人感到自己被当前的状况所困住. And I’m trying to p...

A lot of people feel stuck or imprisoned
or confined by their current circumstances.
And I’m trying to point out that,
whatever your circumstances right now,
that is only your current reality.
And current reality will begin to change
as a result of watching this
and beginning to use the secret.
But sometimes it feels like you’re stuck
because you continue to think the same
thoughts over and over again.
And so you tend to get the same
results over and over again.
And the reason is because:
most people offer the majority of their thought
in response to what they observe
You see, if you’re just looking at what is
then you’re just thinking about what is.
And when you think about what is,
Law of Attraction gives you more of it.
And then, if you just observe what is,
then you’re just thinking about what is.
And Law of Attraction gives you more of what is.
And then, if you just observe what…
We’ve been over this, have we?
(We’ve been over this:谈结束了,谈得太多了)
You have to find a way that you are approaching what is
through a different vantage point.
Most people look at their current
state of affairs, and they say,
“this is who I am”.
That’s not who you are.
That’s who you were.
You see, if you look at your current state of affairs right now,
;你看, 当你面对你目前的状况的时候,
let’s say, for instance, that you don’t
have a lot of money in your bank account,
or you don’t have the relationship that you want,
or your health and fitness isn’t up to par,
that’s not who you are.
That’s the residual outcome of your past thoughts and actions.
So we’re constantly living in this residue, if you will,
of the thoughts and the actions we’ve taken in the past.
When you look at your current state
of affairs and define yourself by that
then you doom yourself to have
nothing more than the same in the future.

What can you do right now to begin
to turn your life around?
I’ll tell you two or three things.
Start making a list of things
to be grateful for.
Start with that, because
this shifts your energy,
it starts to shift your thinking.
Where before this exercise you might be
focusing on what you don’t have,
and you might be focusing
on your complaints,
and you might be focusing on
whatever the problems are;
when you do this exercise
you start to go in a different direction,
you start to be grateful for all
the things that you feel good about.
Gratitude is absolutely the way
to bring more into your life.
Every man knows, that when his wife’s
appreciating him for the little things he does,
;每个男人都知道, 当他的妻子
what does he wanna do?
He wants to do more.
It’s always about the appreciation.
It pulls things in, it attracts support.
I’ve said for many years that whatever we
think about and thank about, we bring about.
Because that’s that feeling that
you have to have, you know,
and so for me, there’s been such a
powerful exercise every morning
to get up and say “thank you”.
And then I start running through
what I’m grateful for
as I’m going to brush my teeth
and do the things I do in the morning.
And I’m not just thinking about
that I’m doing some road routine
but I’m putting it out there
and I’m feeling the feelings of gratitude.
As soon as you start to feel differently
about what you already have,
you will start to attract more
of the good things,
more of the things you can
be grateful for.
Because, if you look around and say,
“well look, I don’t have the car I want,
I don’t have the house I want,
I don’t have the health I want,
I don’t have the spouse I want…”
Back up. Back up.
Those are all the things that you don’t want.
Focus on what you already have
that you’re grateful for.
And it might be, you have the eyes to watch this.
;它可以是 –
你的眼睛可以看到的 –
It might be the clothes that you have.
Yes, you might prefer something else
and you might get something else pretty soon
if you start feeling grateful for what you have.
I think everybody goes through times when they say,
“oh man, things aren’t working right”
or “things are going bad”.
And there were some things going on in my family…
and I found a rock.
And I’m just sitting here holding this rock,
you might see me carrying around.
I found a rock. I stuck it in my pocket.
And I said, “you know what, every time I touch this rock
I’m gonna think of something that I’m grateful for.
And so every morning, when I get up
in the morning, I pick it up off the dresser
and put it in my pocket,
and I go through the things that I am grateful for.
At night, what do you do? You empty your pocket
and there it is again.
And I’ve had some different
experiences with that.
I’ve had some amazing experiences.
I had a guy from South Africa.
He saw me dropping it.
He said “what is that”?
What’s that?
I explained it to him, so we started
calling it the gratitude rock.
Gratitude rock.
Two weeks later I got an e-mail
from him from South Africa.
He said, “my son is dying from a rare disease,
it’s a type of hepatitis”.
He said, “would you send me three gratitude rocks?”
There were just rocks I find off the street, you know,
so I said, “sure”.
I had to make sure that the rocks were very special.
And so I went out to the stream,
looked, picked up the right rocks
and sent them off to him.
Four or five months later I get an e-mail from him.
He said, “my son’s better, now he’s doing terrific”
and he said, “you need to know something”
he said, “we’ve sold over a thousand rocks at $10 a piece
as gratitude rocks, and we raised all this
money for charity, thank you very much”.
And so it’s very important to be in
an attitude of gratitude, as I call it.

Another thing that I would suggest
that you do right now to turn your life around,
and this is so huge,
that I can’t find the words to describe
just how powerful this can be for you…
I took the visualization process
from the Apollo programme
and instituted it during the 1980’s
and 90’s into the Olympic programme.
It was called “Visual Motor Rehearsal”.
When you visualize,
then you materialize.
And the interesting thing
about the mind is
we took Olympic athletes
and then hooked them up to
sophisticated bio feedback equipment.
And had them run their event
only in their mind.
Incredibly, the same muscles fired
in the same sequence, when they were
running the race in their mind
as where they were running it on the track.
How this could be?
Because the mind can’t distinguish
whether you’re really doing it
or whether it’s just a practice.
I think, if you’ve been there in the mind,
you go there in the body.
When you’re visualizing,
when you’ve got that picture
playing out in your mind,
always, and only,
dwell upon the end results.
Here’s an example:
look at the back of your hands right now.
Really, look at the back of your hands.
The colour of your skin,
the freckles, the blood vessels, the rings,
the fingernails, the fake fingernails…
take in all those details
right before you close your eyes.
And then see those hands, your fingers
wrapping around the steering wheel
of your brand new car.
;(brand new:崭新的)
This is such a holographic experience,
so real, so real in this moment,
that you don’t even feel
like you need the car
because, it feels like
you’re already have it.
It’s the feeling that really
creates the attraction,
not just picture of the thought.
I think, for a lot of people,
they think,
“well if I think the positive thoughts
or if I visualize having what I want
that’ll be enough”,
but if you’re doing that and still not feeling abundant
or feeling, you know, loving or joyful
then it doesn’t, for my mind,
really create the power of the attraction.
This is where the secret actually
moves into action.
You put yourself in a feeling place
of really being in that car,
not “oh, I wish I could get that car”,
or “someday I’ll have that car”.
Because, that’s the very definite
feeling associated with that.
It’s not “in an hour”,
it’s not, you know, “it’s in the future”,
– if you stay in that feeling,
it will always be in the future.
Feel the joy, feel the happiness.
No matter how silly it seems
in that dark and quiet room,
you’re going “woohoo!”
Do it!
A lot of people will say, you know
“come on, do I have to do that?”
How bad do you want change?
Now, that feeling and that inner seeing
will begin to be an open doorway
through which the power of the Universe
will begin to express.
Our job is not to figure out the how.
The how will show up out of the
commitment and the belief and the what.
The hows are the domain of the Universe.
It always knows the shortest, quickest,
fastest, most harmonious way
between you and your dream.
If you’re turning over to the Universe
you will be surprised and dazzled
by what is delivered to you.
This is where magic and miracles happen.
I would say that you wanna do this
virtually daily, but
my disclaimer is: this should
never be a chore.
What’s really bottom line importance here
to the whole secret is feeling good.
You wanna feel exhilarated
by this whole process.
You wanna be high, happy,
in tune as much as possible.
The only difference between people
who really are living this way
and people who aren’t living
in the magic of life
is that the people who are living
in the magic of life
have habituated ways of being.
They have habituated this process
and magic happens with them
wherever they go.
Because they remember it
and they do it all the time,
not as a one-time event.
People hold that for a while,
and they’re really a champion at it,
and they say, “you know what,
I’m fired up, I saw this programme
and I’m gonna change my life.
And yet, you know, results aren’t
showing, results aren’t showing.
And beneath the surface
it’s just about ready to break through.
And someone will look at the surface results
and go, “this stuff doesn’t work!”
And you know what, the Universe says
“your wish is my command”.
And it goes down.

Knowing the Law of Attraction
I wanted to really put it to use and
to see if it’s really…, you know, what will happen.
效果如何 – 看看到底会发生什么事情.
And in 1995 I started to create
something called “the vision board”,
where I’d take something that
I would want to achieve
or something that I’d want to attract,
like a car, or a watch
or a soul mate of may dreams,
and I’d put a picture of what I want
right upon this board called “the vision board”.
And every day
I would sit in my office
and I would look up at this board
and I would start to visualize,
I’d really get into the state
of having already acquired it.
I was getting ready to move
and so we put all the furniture,
all the boxes in the storage.
And I made three different moves
over a period of five years.
And I ended up in California
and bought this house,
renovated it for a year,
and then had all the stuff brought
from my former home five years earlier.
One morning, at 7.30 in the morning,
my son comes into my office
and one of the boxes that was
sealed for five years
was right at the doorstep.
And my son Keanon was sitting on the box,
banging away at the box.
And I said, “sweetheart, will you please
stop, I’m doing some work here”, and he says
“What’s in the boxes, daddy?”
And I said, “well honey,
those are my vision boards.”
“What’s a vision board?”
I said, “well, it’s where I put all
my goals up, I cut them out
and put all my goals up
that I want to achieve in my life.
And of course, at 5 and a half
years old he didn’t understand.
And so I said, “sweetie, let me just show you,
that’ll be the easiest way to do it.”
And so I cut the box open
and when I pulled out the vision boards,
there was the picture on there of a home
that I was visualizing five years earlier
and what shocking to me was
we were living in that house,
not a house like it.
I bought my dream home, renovated it
and didn’t even know it.
I looked at that house
and I started to cry,
’cause I was just blown away.
“Why are you crying?”
“Honey, I finally understand
how the Law of Attraction works,
I finally understand the power
of visualization,
I finally understand everything that
I’ve read, everything that I worked with,
my whole life,
the way I built companies –
it worked for my home as well.
And I bought our dream home
and didn’t even know it.”
Decide what you want,
believe you can have it,
believe you deserve it,
believe it’s possible for you
and then close your eyes
every day for a several minutes
and visualize having what you
already want
and feeling the feelings of
already having them.
Come out of that, and focus on
what you’re grateful for already.
And really be enjoyed.
And then go into your day
and release it to the Universe
and trust that the Universe
will figure out how to manifest it.

You know, the secret was definitely
a real transformation for me
’cause I grew up in a family
where my dad was very negative.
He thought that rich people
were people that would rip everyone off,
he thought that anyone who had money
must have deceived somebody,
so I grew up with a lot of beliefs about money;
that if you had it, it made you bad,
that only evil people had money,
and that money doesn’t grown on trees,
that was the big one,
;钱不是长在树上的 – 这是所有信念中最大的一个,
“who do you think I am, Rockefeller?”,
that was one of his favourite phrases.
So, I grew up truly believing
that life was difficult,
that it was hard,
that you have to struggle,
and it was only when I met W. Clement Stone
;直到我遇上W. Clement Stone后,
that I literally began to shift my life.
When I was working with Stone
Whatever the mind of man can conceive,
it can achieve.
he said, “I want you to set a goal
that’s so big that if you achieved it
it would blow your mind.
And you would know it’s only
because of what I’ve thought you
that you would have achieved this goal.
Well, at the time
I was making about $8,000 a year.
And for some reason, I wanted something
that it was really measurable,
so I said, “I wanna make $100,000 in a year”.
And I had no idea how I can do that,
I saw no strategy, no possibility,
but I just said, “I’m gonna declare that,
I’m gonna believe it,
I’m gonna act as if it’s true
and release it”.
And so I did that.
And one of the things he thought me was
every day to close your eyes and visualize
the goal as if it’s already achieved.
And I had actually made a $100,000 bill
that I put on the ceiling,
so the first thing I’d see
whenever I woke up,
I’d look up and there it was,
It would remind me this was my intention.
And then, I would close my eyes
and visualize having this $100,000
in your life style.
And interestingly enough, nothing
major happened for about 30 days.
I didn’t have any great breakthrough ideas,
no one was offering me more money.
And all of the sudden, I was in the shower,
it was about 4 weeks of doing it
and I had a $100,000 idea,
just came right into my head.
I had a book I had written
and I said, “if I could sell 400,000
copies of my book at a quarter each,
that would be $100,000
Now, the book was there,
but I never had this thought.
And one of the secrets I think is that
When you have inspired thought,
you have to trust it and you have to act on it
Now, I didn’t know how to do that,
I didn’t know how I was gonna
sell 400,000 copies, we’d never done that.
And then I saw the National Enquirer
at a supermarket.
;然后,我在超市里看到了 国民咨询 杂志
I’d seen that millions of times,
it was just background.
And all of a sudden
it jumped out on me as foreground
and I thought,
“wow, if readers knew about my book,
certainly 400,000 people
would go out and buy it.
In about 6 weeks later I gave the talk
at Hunter college in New York.
There’s 600 teachers.
This lady comes up at the end and she says:
“That was a great talk,
I’d like to interview you.
Let me give you my card.”
I said, “who do you write for?”
“I’m a freelance, but I sell
most of my stuff to the National Enquirer.”
;”我是一个自由作家,但我大部分稿件卖给 国民咨询.”
You know, I had this little theme from
“Twilight Zone” go off in my head.
;你看,当时我的头脑中好像响起了”Twilight Zone”中的乐曲
(“Twilight Zone”是80年代CBS电视台播放的系列剧
Wow, this stuff’s really working.
So, that article came out and our
book sale started to take off,
but the point I wanna make is that
I was attracting into my life all these
different events, including this person
and to make a long story short,
I did not make $100,000 that year,
we made $92.327
but do you think we were like depressed
and going, “this doesn’t work”?
No, we were going,
“wow, this is amazing!”
And so, my wife said to me,
“wow, if it works for $100,000
do you think it would work for a million?”
And I said, “I don’t know,
I think so, let’s try it”
My publisher actually wrote me a check,
as a royalty check for our first
“Chicken Soup For The Soul” book
and he actually put a
smiley face in the signature
’cause it was the first
million dollar check he’d ever written.
And so,
I know from my own experience,
because I wanted to test it
does this secret really work,
and we put it to the test
and it absolutely worked.
And now I live my life from there
every single day.